acts_as_fulltext_indexed and geokit

I created a quick fork on github of the actsasfulltext_indexed plugin made by Chris Heald of

Actsasfulltext_indexed addresses a limitation of MySQL’s INNODB table format (which supports transactions but not fulltext indices) by using MySQL’s MYISAM table format (which supports fulltext indices, but not transactions).

Actsasfulltextindexed solves this issue by creating a MYISAM table just for fulltext indexed searching that is separate from your regular INNODB tables. A link back to your main model is created polymorphically, and your models have automatic hooks that create and update these indices on aftersave.

My fork simply lets you pass in two additional finder options that Geokit requires, if you are also using Geokit. You would use it as such: params[:search_terms],
    :origin => etc,
    :within => etc,
    :conditions => etc,
    :order => etc,
    :limit => etc

refer to the original read me here

my fork is at

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