My Poor Use of Git Commit Messages

I began using git to manage the source code for my current project, a Rails app which I should hopefully be launching shortly. Yahoo! Now, I hadn’t actually been using source control for very long before I began, and wasn’t able to focus on best practices. With a wife, 2 kids and 2 jobs, I was lucky to get the coding of the apps themselves under control. That said, its funny now to look back at all my commit messages for this project.

So it wasn’t until recently I was able to focus my commits to specific features, changes to the code-base that stood on their own. More often, I found myself working “everywhere” and on “everything” all at once. I wonder how many other people start off this way.

Well, 127 commits behind me, I took a moment to browse back through the messages of my project. Its amazing to see how useless they are, time to get better at it I guess.

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