CSS Grid Frameworks: 960gs Without Margins

I’ve been using the Blueprint and 960gs CSS Frameworks for a while now and have had but one complaint: they both assume you want to create your layouts with margins between the columns. Unfortunately, in my own use of these frameworks I’ve found that I work more with inner columns than exterior ones, and the default margin styles were a nuisance then.

So … I forked Nathan Smith’s 960gs and recalculated the grid styling to remove the column margins. Now when I declare any two columns side by side, they will be flush against each other. Perhaps others will find this useful as well. I left the reset.css and text.css styles as they were.

You can find my code here.

One final note: I’ve been using 960gs a lot more than Blueprint lately because I’ve found Blueprints text styles make too many assumptions on my behalf for how I would like my text to layout. 960gs in comparison is quite minimal.

960 Grid

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